“Who’s Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue: A Preface”

In April 2013 I was asked to show some of my footage at the Kingston NY Film Festival. I was originally asked to make a 20 minute clip, but after much deliberation, I decided it couldn’t be done. I then began making what I felt was a compilation of clips with loose threads going through it. When I was done, I had a 51 minute film.  Here is that 51 minute film for your enjoyment. One more thing to mention, this is NOT the final film, there is far more to come. Plus the other ten or more interviews I’ve yet to accomplish.

So here it is, John Zinsser, Sandi Slone, Peter Reginato, Dennis Hollingsworth, Rodney Dickson, Stephen Bennett, Michael Brennan, Louise P. Sloane, Forrest Myers, Carl Belz, Karen Wilkin, Matthew Deleget, James Panero, Robert C. Morgan, Klaus Kertess, Dee Solin, Ronnie Landfield, Darryl Hughto, Ruth Ann Fredenthal, and Susan Roth.

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